Companion with students and institutions to provide the best study option for all and for life.
Convey the best learning opportunities that Will empower students to outshine on Academic, professional and personal front.
Help young minds to blow out their wings and discover their optimal potential beyond the geographical confines by creating a Global network of institutes and Alumni’s.


Bring Incomparable Services with Integrity, uprightness and Accountability to turn into the most Trustworthy name in the business of education consulting and overseas Education.


In endeavoring to accomplish our vision and come across the needs to students and our business partners, we certainty shares the following values:

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  • Honesty, Credibility, Integrity and Confidence
  • Solidarity and Communication
  • Ethical Consulting
  • Accountability for upshots
  • Admiration for Individuals and Individuals differences
  • Excellent through continuous improvement and ethical educational consulting.

To brings qualified and eligible students from all over the world to Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, USA, UK, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Korea and Europe colleges and universities.

  • Personally visiting and organizing seminars and workshops in various educational institutions in China, Malaysia, and Canada, Japan as well as other countries.  
  • Spot admissions take place in the presence of representatives of various educational institutions.
  • Appoint qualified counselors to guide and assist students, whenever they need help.
  • Provide very warm, comfortable and affordable home stay for the students.
  • Organize educational and social events along with cultural activities at various places.
  • Identifying business partners for setting of campuses for colleges in Indiaand other countries.
  • Arranging for co opportunities and job placements for qualified students.


Joint Collaboration of Colleges and Universities with various education institutes in Malaysia,   China, Japan, India, USA and UK.

  • Facilitate on-the-spot admissions and educational seminars.
  • Arranged employment and co-op opportunities with respective companies.
  • Conversation Cafes, as well as, resume clinics are available for rolex replica assistance.
  • UAGE has been doing business with prestigious colleges and has been appointed as an international recruitment agent. The following colleges and universities have appointed UAGE as their international agent.

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